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Blog 101

This is a meta post to coincide with posting over 100 articles over 4 years, going back over some the more popular along with some of my own personal favourites. I started blogging regularly back in 2007 on the Applied Games Group blog, here’s a selection from there: 

Then in 2008 I started this blog with the motivation of keeping a record of some of the things I’ve learned while improving my technical writing skills with a view to working on a book. This week in collaboration with Tomas Petricek I signed a book deal with Manning.

Many of the posts are written during my daily commute from Cambridgeshire down to London, which takes just over an hour. The ideas for posts come at different times, more often when I’m away from my computer taking a walk or a cycle or having a bath. Once an idea has solidified in my mind, I usually start by writing a working title, an opening sentence, a brief outline and then fill in the gaps.


Most popular articles

More often than not it’s the articles I least expect to be popular that are. Typically early views come from Twitter, and then from link sites like Chris Alcock’s Morning Brew and Alvin Ashcraft’s Morning Dew. My biggest traffic spikes have come from CodeProject.

My picks

A selection of interesting technology and some minor rants.

Mini Games

My interest in programming started with video games, and I still enjoy writing mini games. I typically write them in Silverlight so that I can embed them in the blog.

Open Source Projects

Introductions to some of my open source projects on CodePlex.


Thanks for all the feedback, it really helps, don't be shy :)

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