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This week I had a dig through the old Commodore VIC-20 cassette tapes I had languishing in the garage and stumbled upon a game I was working on, just for fun, when I was about 11 or 12. After playing it on a genuine 8-bit 3.5K VIC, I managed to read the tape into my laptop using Tapir, and then run it on the Vice emulator. It’s not quite up to Jeff Minter’s standards but here it is for posterity:

It's a scrolling space game where you avoid the walls of a cavern and collect fuel, and features a bizarre key selection: (‘) for up and (/) for down, space to shoot.

Note: scrolling was achieved through code by moving the cursor down the screen and printing a delete character to move the text one character to the left

BASIC Listing:

Horizontal Listing

Tap file: horizontal.tap (176.63 kb)

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