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Trading on IM with F#

Last week saw the inaugural meeting of the London based F# user group – F#unctional Londoners. The group already has over 100 members! There were 2 talks Numerical Optimisation and Instant Messaging with F#, with Naoufel El Bachir giving a really good talk on Numerical Optimization and myself on Trading with Instant Messaging (IM). We had a great turn out, managing to fill the allocated room with around 50 F# enthusiasts, and there was some great discussion after both after the talks and then at a local pub.

A little positive feedback I’ve from the event :) :

loved your presentation on F#!

… that was awesome.

The slides from my Trading on IM talk will be attached to this post, and the video/podcast should be appear on the Skills Matter website. I’ll also attach the 100 lines of code for shopping checkout sample, that works with a barcode scanner, I showed at the start of my presentation.

In the talk I tried to introduce F# agents and asynchronous workflows. If you are interested in learning more please take a look at the following excellent resources:

Next week there is a very interesting talk to look forward to by Rob Pickering, author of Beginning F#, on Language Orientated Programming to target the GPU. And on the horizon we’re expecting in June to see Thomas Petricek, author (with Jon Skeet) of Real-world Functional Programming with examples in F# and C#. Finally, If you’d like to do a talk please do get in touch.

Trading on IM final.pptx (604.82 kb) (3.57 kb)

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