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F# Deep Dives

You’ve read the introduction books, you’ve keyed in the hello world examples, now it’s time to dive deep into solutions from experienced developers working in interesting domains.

Deep Dive

Like many of you I’m sure I’ve collected a bookcase full of books introducing an array of languages and technologies. But like you I crave material that is based on actual experience of developing real-world systems in interesting domains. The excellent Beautiful Architecture and Beautiful Code books present chapters from experienced developers who talk about real-world applications they’ve worked on. F# Deep Dives goes deep on simple functional solutions with F# applied to interesting domains like finance, machine learning and games.


F# is a practical, functional-first language that lets you write simple code to solve complex problems. By focusing on F# we have been able to draw from a wealth of experienced developers working on practical problems in interesting domains. F# is also a very expressive language which means that each chapter can focus on showing solutions without having to sacrifice content because of excessive amounts of boilerplate. The solutions should be easy to follow for developers with or without F# experience and interesting whether you intend to solve problems with F# or another functional-first language like Scala or Clojure.

Deal of the day

If all that sounds interesting I think you’ll enjoy F# Deep Dives:


Work on the book started in December 2012, it’s currently in MEAP with Manning and today (17th May 2013) F# Deep Dives is Manning’s deal of the day - use code: dotd0517au

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