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FsiBot: Assorted Tweets

FsiBot is a cloud hosted bot that evaluates F# expressions in mentions, built by Mathias Brandewinder. Underneath it uses the Twitter API, F# Compiler Services all hosted on Azure.

In the beginning the F# community put a lot of effort into bringing it down testing it’s security. Nowadays it’s become more of a creative outlet for code golf enthusiasts showcasing all sorts from ASCII Art to math.

Christmas Tree

Tomas’s tree first appeared before @fsibot was cool or for that matter even existed:


An early attempt at ASCII art, the trick in Twitter is to use characters that are roughly the same width:


Along similar lines this expression uses a bitmap to produce an ASCII invader:

FSharp Logo

Here Mathias uses the same technique to generate a logo:

Bar chart

This expression charts Yes vs No in the recent vote on Scottish Independence:


The hailstone sequence:


Interesting Pi approximation using dates:


Evaluating an F# expression inside an F# expression:

Rick Roll

The thing about a rick roll is that no-one should expect it:

Magic 8-Ball

Based on magic 8-ball here's a somewhat abridged version:

Have fun!

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