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We Jammin’

Last weekend I teamed up with other gamers for the Creative Assembly game jam at Rezzed. We had 9 hours to create a game, and were given the theme of the 80s at 9am on the Saturday morning. After some brainstorming we came up with the idea of a platform game that became an endless runner with rhythm and puzzles called We Jammin’:


The main character is a skateboarder, collecting 80s artefacts to build up the volume on each track, while hitting mental blocks depletes the volume. All 4 tracks must reach the required volume level to complete a level:


Here's a short video of the game running in Unity:


Here’s the game presentations made to a packed audience on the Sunday afternoon (skip to 26:20 for We Jammin):

We had a lot of fun making the game and it was a great experience, particularly for my 11yo son Thomas who created sound effects and the base line for the game.

If you’d like to have a go at making a game in a day, check out London GameCraft, a free one day game jam at Skills Matter on Saturday the 10th August:


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  • Art Scott

    6/25/2013 4:29:30 PM |

    Too cool ...
    Can run this on Lumia?

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