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PacMan Kata

F#unctional LondonersThe F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group will be starting 2012 with a code Kata on Thursday January 26th at 6:30pm at Skills Matter.


The term Kata comes from martial arts. A code Kata is a short programming exercise for practicing an aspect of software development.

C64_explodingfistBack in November in the Programming with the Stars session at the Progressive F# Tutorials our celebrities Mark Needham and Mark Seemann took on the Tennis Kata, first in C# and then F#.

As the two Mark’s talked through their solutions a number of people worked on their own versions, 2 of which you can see on the F# Snippets site:

Scanning over the Kata catalogue for ideas the PacMan Kata bit me immediately.

    Pacman finds himself in a grid filled with monsters. Will he be able to eat all the dots on the board before the monsters eat him?


    To get things started I’ve built up a maze and some graphics. You can see an example over on F# Snippets that runs in the browser on which uses Silverlight: PacMan Maze

    I’ve also created a repository on BitBucket with sample projects for Visual Studio 2010 targeting WPF, Silverlight and HTML/JavaScript.

    The Javascript version uses the Pit compiler, you can see it running here. (Keys Q/A/Z/X *only in IE)


    Look forward to seeing you at the event.

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