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Autumn F# Events 2013

It’s coming up conference season again, also know as autumn, and there’s a bumper harvest of F# related events around the UK and Europe, here’s a not so short roundup:


DDD North 12th (Sunderland, England)

FP Days 24th-25th (Cambridge, England)

Progressive F# Tutorials 31st-1st (London, England)


Øredev 4th-8th (Malmö, Sweden)

DunDDD 23rd (submitted) (Dundee, Scotland)

F# in Finance 25th (London, England)

  • Functional Finance (Don Syme)
  • Why functional? Why F#? Why in finance? (Andrew Sheppard)
  • A tour of F#, with applications in finance (moi)
  • F# and Financial Big Data: challenges and opportunities (Tomas Petricek)
  • F# and GPUs speed, speed, speed! (Daniel Egloff)
  • F# in the Cloud: running F# at scale (Yan Cui)
  • Using F# with Excel (Adam Mlocek)
  • Quantitive finance using F#; pricing financial assets (Antoaneta Serguieva)
  • Using F# on the trading desk: better, faster, quicker (Andrew Sheppard)
  • Moving risk and compliance to real-time with F# (awaiting confirmation)
  • Use code TRELFORD for a 33% discount when you register!


NDC London 2nd-6th (London, England)

F#unctional Londoners

There’s also a free event every 2 weeks at the F#unctional Londoners meetup at Skills Matter in London. The next event is Programming with Cells delivered by Andrew Phillips, head of the Bio Computational group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

Check out the F# Foundation map for events in your area, including new user groups in Athens, Detroit, Minsk, Paris, Sydney and Washington!


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